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(Updated from the ASSW2020 Code of Conduct)

Statement of Intent

As we gather to discuss and share science and different knowledge bases, we must remember to come with a willingness and open mind and foster good spirit (in multiple Arctic languages) so that we can create a sense of community - even online. We get out what we put in, and we invite all ASSW participants to be intentional and thoughtful in their interactions. This Code of Conduct was based on work from many organizations, meetings, and contributions from ASSW participants. IASC is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for all meeting participants and staff.

Let's weave our shared values into our actions!

Engagement Principles and Guidelines

Expected Behavior

Unacceptable Behavior

Working Together for a Successful Meeting

At other meetings, responses to not following the Code of Conduct can include removal and findings of scientific misconduct. IASC is still working on a process for reporting, enforcement, consequences, and response. We haven't finished that work yet, but it is also important that all attendees feel safe and supported. All should be empowered to find an ally that they trust so that nobody is left to deal with issues alone. We hope that you feel free to reach out to IASC and ASSW leadership with any comments or concerns.

This Code of Conduct is built off and modeled on the American Geophysical Union Meeting Code of Conduct,the ArcticNet Meeting and Conference Code of Conduct, the SEARCH Arctic Futures 2050 Conference Code of Conduct, the SACNAS 2019 Code of Conduct, Kulana Noi'i, the First Alaskans Institute's Our Agreements, Kawerak New Teachers Guidelines, and the UCAR/NCAR Rising Voices Participant Code of Conduct.
Sincere thanks to those who put hard work, thought, and intentionality into those documents!