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Oral sessions

    What is the duration of the oral sessions?
Oral sessions will be organized in slots of 2h. Each talk will be up to 10 minutes, followed by a brief question and answer period.
    Will the oral presentations be available after they take place?
We are working in order to make this possible for a certain period of time after the conference. They should be available for registered participants.


    What are the e-posters?
The e-posters are short videos of up to 5 minutes or posters in pdf format.
    How will the e-posters be available?
E-posters will be available at the conference platform during the whole conference and also after the conference, during a period which we are still negotiating with the platform company.


    What is the registration fee for a session convener?
The fees for conveners are similar to the ones for other participants, depending on the status: regular registration vs ECR/Student/Indigenous participant.
    What is the definition of an early career researcher?
Early Career Researchers are all students and scholars who are at the undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate level (depending on national context) up to 5 years post-PhD.
    I am chairing a session, should I pay the registration fee?
    I will be presenting an oral presentation/e-poster, should I pay the registration fee?
    There are some transaction fees charged if using credit card?
In all the transactions, regardless of the payment method chosen, the ticketing system charge 6%+VAT of the ticket cost to pay the transaction fees.
    The system charges an operational cost. What is that and why?
In all the transactions, regardless of the payment method chosen, the ticketing system charge 6%+VAT of the ticket cost to pay the transaction fees.
    Conference Cancellation Policy
No refunds are available for cancellations made within 5 working days of the event.

Conference platform

    How will be able to access the conference?
The conference will be organized inside a platform. Registered participants will get their login details before the conference starting. The conference materials will be available during and after the conference for a period of a few weeks, that we are still defining.


Oral sessions

    Do I need to send my presentation in advance?
Yes, You should send your presentation 24h before your talk. This may be useful in case there are issues with screen sharing, or even connection speed. If there are problems, our support team in the session will pass the presentation and you would only use audio.
    How will the oral presentations take place?
- The sessions will be regular zoom calls and hence, if you are used to zoom, there is nothing really new about it. We will be also making available guidelines for zoom presentations. You must install and set up zoom in your computer before the session and make sure your audio and video settings are correct.

- You will be asked to share your screen during the presentation. If you are using multiple screens, be sure to share the one that is in presentation mode. Please test it in advance.

- You should join the session 15 minutes before the session starts, so that you can be made co-host and test the screen-sharing.

- You should send us your presentations as a ppt or pdf file up to 24h before your presentation (send them to Hence, in case there is a poor connection, our technical support can play the presentation, while you may use the audio to present. This is only a backup solution. If you send us the presentation too late, we will not have time to organize it and to have it handy for displayin if needed.

- We do not accept videos for the presentations. So, at least one author must attend the session and do the presentation.

- Your talk should last for up to 10 min, so that there is still about 3-4 min for questions and answers. Please be VERY STRICT with the time.

- The questions about a presentation should be made using the chat. The chair will select the more relevant ones and will present them orally to the presenter.

- In the end of the session, there will be at least c. 25 min of free time. The chairs will decide on how to best organize this time.

This is a large conference with hundreds of presentation and we may take some time in answering emails. Please check the FAQs at the ASSW2021 website, since we will be adding answers as questions appear. Once the Brella platform will be open, we will be prioritizing the FAQs in Brella, since these are easier for us to update.

Please send your presentation as ppt or pdf up to 24h before your talk to:


    How to prepare and submit an e-poster?
ASSW2021 will be hosted online at the Brella platform, which will allow for streaming and communication between participants. The platform will host e-posters in two formats: videos of up to 5 minutes and regular posters as pdf files. You may select the option of your preference.

You should submit your poster until 18 March. This is a hard deadline to guarantee that your e-poster will be available at the start of the conference. Please use any transfer service (for instance, WeTransfer) to submit your file (video or pdf) using the email:

Video e-poster: You may decide on the content and formatting. You should consider the e-poster as a conference oral presentation, although with a shorter time and even more straight to the point. We suggest you to focus on the main methods of your research and on the key results. The video must not exceed 5 minutes and its size shall not exceed 200 MB. Use video formats like .avi, .mov, .wmv or .mp4. There are several free and easy procedures to record your presentation using your own computer screen. You may, for example, use ActivePresenter or Zoom, with several tutorials easy to find online.

PDF e-poster: You made decide on the content and page size. Prepare your pdf as a regular poster, but be aware that you may include hyperlinks to external sources of information. Files should not exceed 50 Mb.

It is mandatory that you name the e-poster file as follows: SessionID_PosterNumber_FirstAuthorSurname

Your e-poster is the following:

Session ID: XXXX
Poster Number: XXXX
Poster title: XXXX
    What is the page size of the e-poster in pdf?
It is up to you. Have in mind that large posters are more difficult to navigate on screen. You can also make the poster lighter and easier to read, by adding links to external information.


Oral sessions

    How will the science sessions be organized?
Each of the slots will have 2h and up to 6 oral presentations of 10 minutes each + 2-3 minutes for question and answers. It is important to be strict on the timing of the talks, so that participants can join the session targeting at specific talks. The sessions will be organized in the following order:
0:00 - 0:05 - Introduction by the convener

0:05 - 0:19 - Oral 1 + Q&A
0:20 - 0:34 - Oral 2 + Q&A
0:35 - 0:49 - Oral 3 + Q&A
0:50 - 1:04 - Oral 4 + Q&A
1:05 - 1:19 - Oral 5 + Q&A
1:20 - 1:34 - Oral 6 + Q&A
1:35 - 2:00 - Open discussion on orals and posters lead by the conveners.
    How will questions from the audience will be managed?
There will be a chat and questions should be made via the chat and selected by the convener. However, the convener may decide on opening the floor to questions and discussion, especially in the end of the session.