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Updates to ASSW2021

The ASSSW2021 Business meetings and Science Conference Programs are now available online and the Registration is open. Detailed information on the program sessions will be available soon.


ASSW2021 moved fully to online format

The COVID-19 pandemic is becoming critical in the Northern Hemisphere and the number of confirmed cases has been increasing, particularly in western Europe.

Therefore, the ASSW2021 Local Organizing Committee in coordination with IASC decided to move the ASSW2021 (19 – 26 March 2021) into an online event.

The Local Organizing Committee is disappointed with the need to implement this decision, but we think that it was a necessary given the current circumstances. We are working towards an excellent online ASSW2021, which will also allow for wider access across the world. We expect that it will be a very good opportunity to discuss Arctic science, engineering, education, as well as Indigenous and local community issues. Hence, we are looking forward to meeting you all online soon and to organize a very fruitful ASSW2021.

Helena Pereira, President of the Board of Directors of the Portuguese Foundation of Science and Technology
João Canário, Chairman of the ASSW2021
Gonçalo Vieira, Chairman of the ASSW2021 International Scientific Committee