Sue Moore

University of Washington – Seattle, USA - 2020 IASC Medal recipient

Sue Moore has worked in the Arctic and contributed to Arctic science for over 40 years. During her early career, she concentrated on the ecology of Arctic marine mammals and established the first understanding of cetacean habitat selection in the North American Arctic. Her research on marine mammals as ecosystem sentinels is seminal work that has influenced conclusions on how climate change is influencing the phenology of both Arctic and sub-Arctic species. Dr. Moore’s research has expanded to include an interdisciplinary approach to Arctic ecosystems, with her co-leadership of the Distributed Biological Observatory that aims to integrate physical oceanography and atmospheric measurements with biological variability at lower and upper trophic levels. She has contributed to mitigation scenarios to guard Arctic whales, walruses, and seals from negative impacts associated with commercial shipping and offshore oil and gas development and to developing ecosystem scenarios to predict the future Arctic under the “Arctic Marine Pulses” model.